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Practical information

  • President (2019) : Cecily Noaillac (

  • Schedule : Week-end

  • Places/Clubs : According to weather and theme

Corridor out of the 8/12/2018

The snow is struggling to reach the Pyrenees at the beginning of the 2018/2019 season, but our mountaineers have still discovered the rise of a corridor!
They attacked the ascent of Rocher des Isards at 2700m. Two roped parties of 3 people left the Pas de la Casa in Andorra at 1900m.
The corridor was on the north face and after a few meters on a ridge they reached the summit. The descent then took place on the east side.
This outing allowed our team to discover the use of ice axes and crampons, the installation of jams in cracks to ensure during the ascent. Our climbers could even see a isard at 30 meters during the descent.

Great Way exit of 24/11/2018

Release cohesion and cartography 2018

In this sweet month of October and following the selection of new members, the Mountain team made its first outing of the year. It was a cartography outing in a cohesive goal of the new team!


After a morning hike to our refuge on Saturday morning, an orienteering around a glacier lake occupied our afternoon.

On Sunday, we walked a lot, a lot: between screes, streams and lackeys, the kilometers paraded in the middle of a splendid and intact mountain !! Under a leaden and unexpected sun at this time of the year, we climbed the Pic d'Etang Faury before descending the 1800m of elevation climbed during these two days!

A superb outing where the whole group got to know each other. Our super-mountain mountaineers can not wait to get down to business with the big-way out!

2017 appraisal

The operation of the ISAE-SUPAERO Mountain Club has undergone a number of changes this year, with the creation, in September, of the Mountain Team consisting of 16 students. This evolution was decided in the direction of directing the activities of the Club towards a goal of training rather than of leisure, by maintaining and establishing a group dynamics rather than occasional individual evolution as it was the case before.


This new formula was a great success in terms of the demands and commitment of the students on the team: 30 students came to the interviews, and among the team, the average participation in the outings is 3, 25 days (on an initial commitment of 8) (given the busy period at the beginning of the year - campaigns, tournaments ...-, it's a good number).

Nevertheless, several points need to be raised and improved: -

No students from outside the Team were able to participate in an outing. -

A small period of "dry" at the time of campaigns, rather normal given the general fatigue at this time. After consultation with the guides, it will be necessary to avoid placing outings at this time of the year.

The main concern appearing in the mid-existence of the team is the virtual exclusion of the rest of the students of Supaero: following a club under-functioning last year, I feel as if I have fallen into the inverse excess. Two tracks are therefore to consider:

1) A larger exit budget allowing for more outings, thus allowing more people to join the Team. However, in the current operation, more budget involves more students participating in the outings: the places are currently limited by the number of students that can guide a guide. Thus, a pure budget increase does not represent, for me, the ideal solution (unless doubling the budget and engaging two guides per output ...).

2) A kind of "general reservation" of pupils at the beginning of the year: the students pay at the beginning of the year in advance the number of days they wish to participate (under presentation of the schedule of the outings). This may be a possible avenue, while risking seeing some outings (ski touring ...) again over-frequenting compared to others. In addition, this penalizes the "training" and "group dynamics" aspect introduced by the team.

In conclusion of this moral report, I think that this team is still only a draft that will be incumbent on the next president, Antoine Blondel, to improve!

2016 appraisal

Initiating mountaineering, ice climbing initiation and especially initiation ski initiation are those that have been the subject of the most requests (20 entries for 8 places in ski touring).

For ski touring, an additional outing (3 instead of 2) is planned next winter to allow more beginners to learn before the perf outing. These two measures should balance the registrations at the different exits.

At the same time, many independent outings in all activities are organized by the members of the club, which allows the use of the equipment and the application of the learned techniques, and ensures the life of the club with a good understanding between its members.

Vertical enjoying the week in Corsica! 05/2014

The vertical club organized for the first week of May a unique trip to the heart of Corsica to continue hiking and climbing. But we must also feed this team of experienced sportsmen, so they fed on pure fat throughout the week!


Here is a summary of the week in video! Enjoy!


Thanks to Antoine Hubans for this video!

The mountain club Supaero (Vertical) has made its first mountaineering of the year! 04/2014

Constrained by a very average weather our young mountaineers rushed to the summit of the Pic de Ruhle (AD, 35/40 ° snow couloir then stop race). If the fog obscured the landscape, the enthusiasm of the group was only a mouthful of this peak and arrived at the summit after a length of climbing.
The next day, the weather more lenient allowed to climb the Peak of the Coum D'Enfer, (a wide face at 45 ° over 1000m of altitude). The clouds just came hid the panorama at the approach of the summit but the tobogan descent into the snow corridors gives the group an excellent memory of this race.

In short it was a beautiful w-e, informative and rich in sensation!

Altiglisse  03/2014

The two Supaero teams came back from the Altigliss with their heads up despite a rather difficult parallel slalom race: they were both exited by Centrale Pa respectively in quarter and a half, then Team 1 lost the small final against their team. direct competitors and GEM organizers.

And yet the two teams can be proud of their performance as Team 2 is a nice 7th place and especially as Team 1 catches the podium and climbs on the third step behind the very good Centralians and INSEEC who crashed the competition!

Congratulations to both teams!