AS ISAE Supaéro
10 Avenue Edouard Belin - BP 54032
Toulouse CEDEX 4

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Practical information

  • President (2019) : Simon Fusaro (

  • Schedule : Week and week-end

  • Places/Clubs : Axair ULM - AIR ULM La Ramière (81)/Lasbordes Ailes Toulousaines


Aeronautics is your passion, or do you just want to discover a new engine flying engine? Come and relax at the ULM club and enjoy its outings, its good atmosphere, and its unique appearance!

A new beginning !

In order to get closer to Supaéro, the ULM club has created a new partnership in parallel with the existing one at La Ramière. Two new students have already started the training. About 35 hours of flight are waiting for them with their instructor Jean-Louis ! On the program of the first flights aboard the Nynja: turn, stabilized flight, skid, slip, stall ...


The season is revived for the club after a warm winter.
The weather more lenient and the sun setting more and more late allow us to take out the machine and fly in the Tarn Plains!

See you soon for new adventures!

2017 appraisal

This season 2017 is coming to an end. The club was especially dynamic during the summer season (March to June). Since September, new members have arrived in the club. Seven people in total: a 1A, a master in first year and five 2A. In return, a member left us after graduation this year (but still flying in the same club where we learn to fly).


However, the new members are very little active: in fact, only two people started the activity (despite numerous reminders by the club group and in person for this student). It would be good to consider re-recruiting within the current February club if non-active members do not make an effort to fly.

Since September, there has been a drop, a total of 4 dropped for this season 2017. This is a very encouraging aspect for the club. In addition, with the older members, we can hope to have 2 to 3 released by the mid-season of 2018 (the return of good weather will allow to fly more regularly).

For the succession, the first year student could take over. This is Thibault Lahire.