AS ISAE Supaéro
10 Avenue Edouard Belin - BP 54032
Toulouse CEDEX 4

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Practical information

  • Presidents (2019) : Marie Brunel (Volley F, and Maxime Sabbah (Volley M,

  • Schedule : Volley F : Tuesday 17h30 - 19h30 ; Volley M : Wednesday 20h30 - 22h30

  • Lieux/Clubs : Supaéro gymnasium

Volley F 2017 appraisal

Cette année, le retour de césure de nombreuses 4A du club cumulé à l'arrivée des nouvelles recrues de première année a permis dès la rentrée de redynamiser et de diversifier la section féminine. Seules quelques 1A ont abandonné après avoir essayé les premiers entraînements, la plupart des autres sont quant à elles restées très assidues pendant ces premiers mois. Malgré la disparité des niveaux et des promotions, toutes les filles sont très motivées pour se dépenser et progresser. L’ambiance en compétition est bonne, en équipe 1 où les joueuses de 4A se connaissent déjà bien comme en équipe 2 où les 1A sont investies et à l'écoute des conseils des 2A/3A.

Comme l'an dernier, beaucoup de joueuses cumulent plusieurs sports collectifs ou des obligations extérieures et peuvent être confrontées à des incompatibilités. Si début 2018 les matchs passent le lundi soir au lieu du mercredi, certaines 4A ou membres du club de rugby seraient dans l'incapacité de participer et cela pourrait engendrer des problèmes de sous effectif. Pour cette raison j'essayerai de maintenir le jour de match au mercredi, mais cela dépendra des dates imposées par la FFSU.

La coach, qui était revenue en cours d'année suite au départ de l'ancien entraîneur, est quant à elle appréciée par l'ensemble des joueuses. Ses méthodes d’entraînement sont perçues comme adéquates et efficaces et sa présence lors des matchs de championnat apporte un vrai soutien aux équipes.

End of 2016/17 volley F seasonV

Nice season for the women's volleyball team. After qualifying for the finals by being 3rd in their pool, it is after a very competitive quarter-final that the volleyball players finally conclude this year, in 5th place in the Championship Excellence. But as for the good atmosphere of the team, it's an undisputed first place!

Volley M 2016 appraisal

The men's team 1 finished 2nd of Super Excellence.

Team 2 finishes 5th in the championship of excellence.

Volley M: 8th finals French Cup 16/03/2015

The ISAE volley M team was moving to Marseille to play against Kedge the 8 th finals of the Coupe de France and can get his ticket for the finals in Rennes!
And they did the trick !!

Kedge too confident begins his match with their best players on the bench. Led 16-12 they say then that the game will not be easy and 2 changes later their typical team tried to go up. They will not be able to deal with a strong, clean and efficient ISAE team. No frills the first set is for ISAE on the score of 25-16.

The second set is killed from the outset when Rouzies goes into service at 3-3. He will not let go after the biggest series of the saidon (15 services chained) on the score of 18-3. Without pressure and with a little (too much?) Of relaxation The ISAE wins the set 25-14.

Driven by pride and confidence at the end of the second set, Kedge attacked the third set aggressively and took advantage of stupid mistakes from the ISAE team (lack of position, bitten service ...). More striking attacking they are in the lead but ISAE managed to pass and take the second technical timeout (16-15) on a big firecracker syed. This sounds the end of the match and ISAE wins 25-20 last set.

On this beautiful score of 3-0 the volley M qualifies for the finals of the Coupe de France. Meeting in Rennes on the 8th and 9th of April !!

Volley M: victory of the ISAE team in Bordeaux 02/2015

On the Thursday preceding the February holidays, the ISAE volleyball M team went to face INSEEC Bordeaux, winners of the Bordeaux academy, at home to play the qualification in the 8th FFSU championship of France.

This match was the scene of a bitter fight, each team exploiting all its strengths to the maximum: very big attackers bordelaise the block and the defense but aggressiveness in the service of our players reduces their efficiency and, once It is not customary, rather clean receptions on ISAE side serve our own forwards. After big uncertainties, ISAE won 25-22 in the first set.

With this success the start of the second set sees the reds and blacks lead to the score but they fail to take a significant lead. The turn of the game takes place shortly after the second technical timeout: a recep 4 bordelais rolls ankle falling from a block attempt on an attack at 3m point Toulouse. Without substitute, the Bordeaux bravely decided to continue the match despite a player bell foot. Almost as destabilized as his opponents, the Toulouse collective does not manage to crush the end of the set (25-20 ISAE) nor the third set. It will take a series of blocks on the very high survivor 4 Bordeaux survivor to bring down this brave team on the score of 25-22.

Great first for 3 years, the ISAE managed on a clean 3-0 to win in Bordeaux and qualify for the 8th finals.

To be continued ...

Summary of the beginning of 2015 for volleyball F

This year, volley F was able to present two teams at FFSU tournaments!
After a difficult start for both teams in Super Excellence section, during which victories were too rare ... may be a bit too ambitious ^^

Be that as it may, the two teams A and B are now playing in the category Excellence where the level seems lower! After two wins for the first two games of Team A, it finally lost last Wednesday in 21-8, 21-18 and 23-21 ... Two last sets no less tight! As for team B, victim of an influenza epidemic, it has not yet been able to prove itself!

Volley F: SUPAERO B defeat against Capitol 1 and SUPAERO A against UPS 1 11/2014

First tough games ... The Supaero B team loses against Capitol 1, and the Supaero A team bows against UPS1. The girls clung but could not cope with the machines that were in front, without mercy. It remains to develop a team game!

Marion, for the volleyball F.

Volley M: Victory for SUPAERO Team 2 against UPS 6 11/2014

Score: 3 - 0

The SUPAERO "alumni" volleyball team flew past yesterday's match! The UPS 6 was not able to deal with the devastating services of Yannick Breyne (14 services in a row) in the first set.
But Yannick was not the only present at this match, the lightning attacks of Babak and Clément Poirier were right of our opponents by afflicting them a 21-3 in the first set!

The coup de grace was returned to the second set during which Tanguy Clouet delivered a superb smash in 4 while Clément Bonnet countered each attack! This set finally ends on a 21-8! We still remember the match ball missed by Clément B who owes us the drink ... (we still waiting for it!)

The score of this evening: 21-3, 21-8, 21-11.
The elders start the new season!

Julien for the elders (Volley M)

Victory of the volleyball M (team 1) in the semifinals of the super-ex championship! 04/2014

Volleyball Team 1 finishes in second place in the super-ex championship:

A big game awaited Team 1 on Monday against Paul Sab '1 for the first place of the championship. Despite a start of mediocre match for Supaéro, the first set is very hooked. Present in recep and service but a little disappointing in the attack the Supaériens still offer a set ball to 24-23 but an error of service benefits Paul Sab who then takes the lead. Supaéro saves a first set ball but the second will be fatal. This beautiful first set ends with a score of 27-25 for UPS.
In the second set, the team is disappointing: very rough in reception it becomes difficult to make the difference against a very strong team in front and very versatile. She does not demerit anyway by bowing 25-18.

This quality match that closes the season and especially this first set reflects the excellent work provided by the team this year. The progression was very strong and thanks to a very good atmosphere.

Now beach volleyball !!

Volley M: The SUPAERO 2 team faces the UPS in the hen phase Excellence. 03/2014

Score: 0 - 3

Last match of pool and only match lost by the volleyball team SUPAERO 2. a very intense match which concluded by a defeat 21/12 - 21/16 - 21/17 against a team of SABATIER very strong with the smashes. Nevertheless very beautiful actions and very beautiful counters were led by the SUPAERO team.
See you in the final stages for new adventures.

Yanis Bouzidi, captain of team 2

Volley M: Team 2 of Supaero took on UPS 3 for the hen phase of the category Excellence 03/2014

Score: 21-16 / 21-17 / 21-10

This is a spectacular match won by Volleyball Team 2 on Monday, March 17th ...

Indeed, after two games won thanks to Yannick's smarts (21-0, 21-0, 21-0), a doubt overwhelmed team 2. And if our next opponents were more present! So it was with a tension mixed with the rumble of Baptiste Rumelhard, our new player and substitute for Julien Dailloux and Clément (who were fighting against themselves at the AS pass) that we started this match.
The UPS 3, more resistant than the castle of Haut-Koenigsbourg in Alsace, however, was conducted from the first set, which we have concretized (21-16). As for the second set, the UPS 3 was more than 2 points ahead, up to 13-15. That's when Boris, coach, released his secret boot (a time out, let's not imagine anything else!), Timeout that allowed us to chain the second set (21-17). The third set resulted in the destruction of the UPS by a very nice series of services Tanguy (21-10). I want to clarify that Yannick missed his service on the match and can (must) pay his tour to anyone who asks him.
So this is a great comeback from Team 2 in the race, which, I must say, has probably done its best game.

Baptiste, for team 2 of volleyball M